How much does a cruise cost?

The cost of a cruise varies by brand, destination and time of year; but there are always fantastic special promotions to take advantage of! Ask me about current promotions now.

Are cruises all-inclusive?

This again depends on the cruise line you choose. Many luxury cruises are in fact all-inclusive but most ships prices include only basics like some meals with drinks and not specialty teas/coffees, cocktails, etc.

Should I be concerned with seasickness?

Unless there happens to be a big storm you shouldn’t feel much rocking and seasickness shouldn’t bother you. If you are prone to motion sickness research prevention before your trip so you can be prepared.

Will I be rushed during my visits ashore?

At a small port you may be able to squeeze in all of the sites if you choose the on-shore excursion, but it’s more likely that you will have to choose a few things to do/see that you are the most excited about. If you really love one destination above the others you can always book a tour to go back and spend a longer amount of time there.

What if I get bored on the boat?

It’s highly unlikely that while on sea you will get bored. Most lines cater to a certain type of traveler so choose your cruise wisely; if you have a family choose a line that offers kid entertainment, if you are adventurous a boat with rock climbing walls and ziplines may be more your speed.

Do I need to use a travel agent?

With the help from the internet you don’t HAVE to use a travel agent; but you should consider it. A travel agent can take care of all the details, from room selection to dinner times, so you can just focus on getting ready for your fabulous trip. An agent will also be able to get you deals and specials that the consumer isn’t usually offered. The best part is…the services provided by a travel agent are all FREE (they get compensated by the cruise line so no money comes out of your pocket for their help)!

How do I pay for things onboard?

A cruise ID card is given to you before your departure; the card can be preloaded with cash or tied to a credit card. All onboard purchases are made with this ID card.

What is the legal age for drinking and gambling?

Some cruise lines keep the U.S. guideline of 21+ as the legal drinking age, while others will allow 18+ with a parents consent. It is best to check with your travel agent to find out the correct details.