About Us

Founded in 1983, Cruise & Tour Center travel agents are vacation match makers, with more than 100 years of experience, talent and knowledge.  We are committed to finding the best match for your interests, time, style and pricing—whether it’s a cruise, walking trip, bus tour or immersion visit to one city.

We love to travel, so it our pleasure to find the perfect vacation or travel accommodations for you.

We are…

  • Persistent – we will search until we find the right trip for you
  • Patient – we know people change their minds many times when planning their dream vacation
  • Communicators – we will err on the side of keeping you too updated
  • Knowledgeable – we have traveled on just about every cruise line and every tour group
  • Understanding
  • Part Owners – we aren’t going anywhere; you can find us today, tomorrow and for years to come
  • Dedicated – willing to contact many different vendors and lines, even if it equals hours of phone time and research
  • Advocates – there is no question or request too inane or trivial
  • Cost Efficient – it does NOT increase your costs one penny to use a travel agent; it only increases your enjoyment

We will…

  • Cut through all the chatter and endless eblasts
  • Find you the best deals
  • Match and even do better in prices and perks than the “cheap” vacation websites
  • Handle of any worries…before, during or after your trip
  • Constantly watch for a better deal, even after you have put your deposit down, and get the company to upgrade your accommodations or give you a rebate
  • Find out all assorted details for you e.g. does vendor offer a certain flavor of soda or coffee
  • Not be more expensive than if you booked yourself…we will get a better deal than you can as an individual
  • Research the myriad of details needed for your trip:  travel insurance (even if you have pre-existing conditions), excursions, hotel stays, train trips, airfare, car rentals, etc.

This all boils down to one thing…we will do whatever it takes to find you the ideal vacation!